Experience the Beauty of Andaman Island

The Andaman Islands are an archipelago that can be found within the Bay of Bengal. These islands are to the east of India and to the south and west of Myanmar. The islands are always warm, due to the tropical location, but there is always a slight breeze off the sea that cools things down regularly. While rain is not a common occurrence on the islands, it will fall often during the south-west monsoons.
It is believed that the Andamanese people settled on the Andaman Islands approximately twenty-six thousand years ago. A number of tribes, including the Sentinelese and Jarawa, made up this indigenous group of people. The Jangil tribe became extinct when disease and violence swept through the islands and there are significantly less people within the other tribes today. The few survivors speak only Hindi and they do not like foreigners traveling to their islands. For that reason, only a few of the islands are open to visitors.
Port Blair is the largest town, as well as the capital of the islands, and it can be found on the eastern coast of South Andaman Island. This town is the main entry point for the islands, so everyone who chooses to travel there will find themselves there upon their arrival and again during their departure.
The Cellular Jail is a popular site that was constructed beginning in 1896 and the seven wings were completed by 1906. Within those seven wings, there were just under seven hundred cells, and many of them were destroyed during World War II. Only three wings remain today, and that is where visitors can learn the most about the history of this attraction. Tours are available, but the best time to go is when the sound and light show is held, as it shares the most intricate details of a prisoner’s time in this jail.
The Anthropological Museum is an excellent way for travelers to learn more about the indigenous tribes that have lived on the islands for centuries. The exhibits are full of artifacts of every tribe, and while the glass displays may be old, they work well with sharing ancient history. Everyone will find themselves intrigued by the skull that was left in an old lean-to, while others will be more impressed with the Nicoabrese shamanic sculptures.
Other attractions that travelers should take time to see while they are in the Andaman Islands include Sippighat Farm, Mount Harriet, and the Chatham Saw Mill.
The Andaman Islands might not be at the top of every travelers’ radar, but it is a destination that most people will want to consider visiting at some point in time due to the history that can be found there.

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